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DNS Addon

License: MIT

WHMCS Addon for automatic DNS zone creation upon domain registration.


This addon allows you to predefine DNS zone templates to be used when a new domain is being registered with DNS management. For example, you might want to direct that to a default website. Or, if the domain is assigned to a hosting product, use a specific zone for that product.


  • Manage DNS zones for your domains at CentralNic brands
  • Currenctly supported registrar modules: ISPAPI and RRPproxy
  • Define a global zone, to be applied to all new domain registrations
  • Define zones for specific hosting products, to be applied when registering a domain belonging to a hosting product
  • Supports A, AAAA, MX, MXE, CNAME, TXT and SRV records
  • Supports WHMCS specific URL and FRAME record types for the website redirection feature


  • WHMCS version 8.0 or higher For the latest WHMCS minimum system requirements, please refer to WHMCS System Requirements page.
  • PHP 7.4 or higher
  • One of the following registrar modules installed and enabled:
    • ISPAPI
    • RRPproxy

    This addon only works with those registrar modules.


Available for download here.

Copy files

Copy the cnicdns folder to the WHMCS modules/addons/ directory.

Addon activation

  • Open the WHMCS Admin Area
  • Navigate to System Settings > Addon Modules
  • Find CentralNic DNS and click on Activate
  • Click on Configure and make sure to configure Access Control as needed


  • Replace the files in the WHMCS modules/addons/cnicdns/ directory.
  • Open the addon in the WHMCS Admin Area


  • Open the WHMCS Admin Area
  • From the Addons menu, select CentralNic DNS
  • The list of configured zones will appear


Create a zone template

  • Click on the Add button
  • A modal will appear


Fill out the form:

  • Name: this can be anything that helps you identify the template
  • Zone: this should contain the template with a predefined syntax (see below)
  • Products/Services: if you want the template to apply to specific hosting products, select them here
  • Instructions: clicking here will show hints for the template syntax
  • Set as global default: if enabled, the template will act as default for any domain.

Zone syntax

Write one record per line in this format:

<hostname> <type> <address> (<priority>)
  • Type should one of the following: A, AAAA, MX, MXE, CNAME, TXT, SRV, URL, FRAME
  • You can use ‘@’ for getting the domain name
  • You can use ‘%ip%’ for assigning the IP based on the server
  • Priority is only necessary for MX records


@ A %ip%
www CNAME @
mail A
@ MX mail.@ 10


The decision making process that establishes if and which zone template will be applied to a domain, follows this flow chart: